Please take great care of yourselves or guests as there is no lifeguard on duty. Use the swimming pool at your own risks.

  1. The permitted swimming hours are: Everyday from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. (except during the cleaning hours or chemical treatment).
  2. All swimmers must leave the pool area during lightning, thunder storm, rain or any emergency situation.
  3. All children under the age of twelve (12) years old must be accompanied and supervised by an adult when entering into the pool area.
  4. For hygiene reasons, all users must use footbaths and take showers before entering the pool especially those who already applied sun-tan lotion and/or oil.
  5. Proper swimming attire must be worn by all users of the pool at all times.
  6. No horseplay or any activities of similar nature shall be allowed in the pool area.
  7. All users shall not use any large mats, bulky floats, snorkels and/or scuba gears in the pool. Diving in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  8. Any glass ware, breakable items or any other harmful objects are strictly prohibited in the pool area.
  9. All users are strictly prohibited from smoking, eating, drinking and/or bring any food and/or drinks in the pool area.
  10. No unauthorised entry into the filtration plant room.
  11. Any person who suffers from any infections, contagious diseases, with bandages and/or open wounds is strictly prohibited from entering into the pool area. Spitting, urinating and/or any other unhygienic acts are strictly prohibited.
  12. Any person under the influence of liquor, drugs or any other form of intoxicating matter or substances shall not be allowed to enter into the pool area.
  13. Portable music players are allowed in the pool area but must be operated at low volume that will not interfere with the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the other users.
  14. The Management shall not be responsible for any losses, damages, thefts, injuries and/or death which occur within the pool area.
  15. The Management reserves the right to expel any user from the pool area that is not in compliance with the rules and regulations.
  16. All users including his guests or invitees are strictly prohibited from unconsented video recording or photo taking in the pool area.