To make TGS a happening, safe and enjoyable experiences for all members / occupants in this community, kindly adhere to the followings DOs and DON’Ts. (For DOs & DON’Ts on facilities, please refer to facilities section)


DOs & DON’Ts

  1. The Occupant shall inform and obtain a written consent from the Property Manager three (3) days in advance for any renovation, cleaning and/or repair works, moving in or out to or from the Parcel that involve contractor or professional mover or large item. The Occupant shall ensure that no rubbish, refuse and/or debris accumulated due to the works cause any interference and/or inconvenience with the peaceful enjoyment of the other occupants.
  2. The permitted hours for any works by contractors are as follows:
    1. Monday to Friday        : 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
    2. Weekend and public holiday are not allow for any renovation work.
  3. Disposal of construction debris, heavy or bulky objects must be dealt personally by the Occupant and shall not be placed or left unattended in any area located within TGS.
  4. All trash, rubbish, refuse and/or debris shall be sealed in the non-porous plastic bag and to be placed properly in the refuse bins or designated area. Wet refuse must be thoroughly drained of any liquid. Large items must be broken down to fit into refuse bins.
  5. Please close the refuse chambers doors properly and switch off lights to conserve energy.
  6. Occupant shall park car, motorcycles, bicycles or any other similar forms of transport at the designated parking areas only. Property Manager reserves the right to fine, clamp or tow away any car, motorcycle, bicycle or any other forms of transport that are park indiscriminately.
  7. The Owner shall pay service charge, sinking fund and/or outgoings such as water bill on a quarterly basis in advance or such other interval as determined by the Property Manager. Late payment interest is chargeable at 10% per annum interest rate.
  8. The Owner shall pay all outgoings including quit rent, rates, taxes, assessment and other charges in respect of the Parcel.



  1. The Occupant shall not use the Parcel other than its intended purposes. No other purpose which may be detrimental to the status, image, character, value and exclusiveness of TGS is permitted.
  2. The Occupant shall not behave offensive, caused nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to the other occupants.
  3. The Occupant shall not make any immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use of the Parcel or the Community Areas and Common Facilities.
  4. No household pets, livestock or other animals shall be allowed to be kept in any Parcel which may cause annoyance to the other occupants.
  5. The Occupant shall ensure that any potted plants in the Parcel shall not be placed dangerously or near any edges of the Parcel which may cause such potted plants to fall and caused harm to other occupants.
  6. No textile items such as clothes, towels and/or linen shall be placed or hung in any area that are visible from outside of the Parcel.
  7. Any telecommunication equipment and/or radio antenna and/or television antenna and/or ASTRO dish are strictly prohibited from being attached to or hung from the exterior walls of the Parcel or to be allowed to protrude through walls, windows, balconies, roofs of the Community Areas.
  8. Any excessive noise, unruly or offensive behaviour shall not be permitted. Radio, T.V, Hi-Fi or other musical instruments shall be operated at a reasonable volume which will not cause any interference with the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of other occupants.
  9. Car horn that may cause any nuisance and/or annoyance and/or disturbance to other occupants shall not unnecessarily be sounded.
  10. Indoor games such as “Mahjong” shall be restricted within the Parcel only and players are advised to lay sufficient cushion on the table to ensure that no excessive noise will be emitted during the play of the game.
  11. Any social gathering within the Parcel or at community areas must not be loud or boisterous or generally objectionable.
  12. Any request from the Occupant to use the Property Manager’s employees to perform any services or errands shall not be entertained.
  13. The Property Manager’s employees are prohibited from accepting any delivery of packages, parcels, documents from any delivery service and/or to perform any form of private works for the Occupant unless on orders from the Property Manager.
  14. The Occupant is prohibited from offering any type of tips, gratuities or gifts to the Property Manager’s employees for rendering any service or courtesies in the regular performance of their duties.
  15. Any form of solicitation of goods and services, religious or political activities shall be prohibited without written permission.
  16. All type of highly combustible materials such as petroleum products, explosives, fireworks or any products which may give rise to smoke, fumes, obnoxious smells are prohibited.
  17. The Occupant shall not be allowed to hold any funeral or bereavement arrangement in the Parcel.
  18. Any trash, rubbish, refuse and/or debris are not allowed to be accumulated at all times to avoid production of bad odour and/or smell that interrupt with the peaceful enjoyment of other occupants.
  19. All occupants are required to cooperate with any recycling programme in effect.
  20. No rubbish, rags or any other refuse shall be permitted to be thrown through the doors or windows of the Parcel.
  21. No burning shall not be permitted within the Parcel.
  22. All occupants shall not leave any containers, bottles or any other object that may collect water unattended to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.
  23. All occupants shall at all material times refrain from creating and/or disposing waste indiscriminately to prevent infectious disease from breeding.
  24. Any garments, rugs, mop or any other object shall not be dusted, shaken or cleared from windows, balcony and/or fire escape area or any area near the Parcel or within TGS.
  25. The Occupant and/or contractors / the authorized personnel(s) are strictly prohibited from using any tap water and/or electricity from the Community Areas unless permitted in writing by the Property Manager for the purpose of conducting their works.
  26. All car parks shall be used for the parking of the passenger cars only and shall not be more than 1.9 metres of height. No commercial vehicles shall be parked on the car park bay without the prior written consent from the Property Manager.
  27. The Occupant shall not affix grills or place or build any form of obstruction whatsoever or paint on the entrance, exit or driveway to or in the car park areas or any other area in the car park not designated for the parking of cars.
  28. All occupants are strictly prohibited from smoking or do any similar activities except in the designated area.
  29. No commercial activities are allowed to be conducted at the Common Facilities Area.