Community Areas refers to common areas other than privately owned parcel within The Grand Subang SS13 development including all lobbies, elevators, streets, walls, walkways, pavements, passages and all other amenities, grounds and facilities.

  1. The Community Areas shall be used solely for the purposes for which the Community Areas are designated.
  2. All users shall comply and observe all rules and regulations and all directions issued by the Management from time to time.
  3. All users shall not obstruct and/or cause any obstruction at the sidewalks, passages, lobbies, stairways, escalators, lifts and common corridors or used such community areas for any other purposes than their designated purposes.
  4. All users shall not use, place, park, store or leave any motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, children’s riding toys, roller, skates, skateboards and the like (except wheelchairs) or any other personal property in any of the Community Areas (unless designated for such purposes) which shall obstruct and/or cause obstruction to the freedom of movements and transit to other users.
  5. Any cleaning activities involving the adjoining external areas must be conducted in a good care to prevent water from running down the exterior of the building and/or enter into the other parcel.
  6. In the event any user caused any damages to the Community Areas, any costs and expenses for the repair works done and/or replacements on such damages shall be borne by the user.
  7. Any common equipment and/or furniture installed in the Community Area is for the purpose of enjoyment by all users. No misused is permitted.
  8. All users shall wear proper attire within the Community Area.
  9. Use of elevators shall be governed by the following rules:-
    1. No person shall wear any wet bathing suit, smoke, drink or eat in the elevators.
    2. Any forms of transport such as motorcycles and bicycles (with exception to wheelchairs) shall not be brought and/or placed in the elevators.
    3. No person shall be allowed to tamper with the elevators’ controls at all times.
    4. No users shall be allowed to use any of the elevators in the event of power failure, fire or any other emergency situations. All users must use the designated stairs when such events occur.
    5. All movement of bulky and/or heavy materials must first obtain permission from the Management with at least 3 days advance notice. Movement of such materials shall only be allowed using the designated elevators.